Educational Technical Assistance Services

420 24th Avenue NW, Suite 250 Norman, OK 73069

EDUTAS Vision: Foster educational communities that embrace an ever-changing world through processes that create, support, and sustain lifelong learners.

EDUTAS Mission: Be a culturally and socially responsive education service and support organization collaborating across programs designed to provide comprehensive, innovative TA with evidence-based practices and research in teaching and learning for children, youths, and adults to educators and leaders at all levels.


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Donna Richardson, Director

Kyle Lankford, Project Manager/Communications Coordinator

Lisa Pryor, Project Manager

Rosie Garcia-Belina, Project Manager

Recent Project:

Moving UP: Transitioning to the Principalship

Recent Project:

English Language Learners Coaches Academy/PADRES

Recent Project:

NIEA Culture-Based Curriculum Repository